The Alternative Dispute Resolution Society was founded in 2016 and since that year, has paved the way for a greater mediation and negotiation culture in the university. The Society aims at promoting and encouraging the usage of alternative dispute resolution methods to resolve disputes and in furtherance of this cause holds several events throughout the year. The semester starts with holding several workshops conducted by the best in-house negotiators, mediators and client counselors for introduction of these tools to the first year students, who have joined the university very recently. After much deliberations and practices conducted, the Society moves on to have its Internal Competitions that is conducted in two fractions – one for mediation and the other for negotiation. The result of these competitions, marked by experienced judges tends to form the University Mediation and Negotiation team. These teams further represent the university in all National and International Competitions. In order to make every student understand the intricacies and nuances of these competitions, several organizations like the PACT and the ADR- ODR International are invited every year to hold workshops and interactive sessions. These conferences are held in order to give the student a first hand experience of consensually solving disputes. With just 2 years of a dispute resolution environment in the university, NUJS has proudly been the winner of several competitions both in the national and international arena.

The NUJS ADR Society is very proud to help in hosting the Indian Mediation Week every year. This is a pan India awareness program that has currently reached out to a 102 cities with the help of thousands of volunteers and hopes to continuously sensitize people to resort to the benefits of alternative dispute resolution.

The NUJS ADR Society organised the 1st NUJS Mediation Competition 2019 held at The WBNUJS Kolkata in February 2019. The Competition saw participation from law schools all across the country. We received immense praise from the participants and the judges for the efficient organization and teamwork for the first edition itself. 

The NUJS ADR Society is organizing the 2nd NUJS Mediation Competition 2020, which will also entail a three-day mediation conclave. The Competition will see increased participants across India for the 2nd edition. The Society has aspired to spread the knowledge of the tools of dispute resolution throughout India 

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