ADR-ODR International

We thank ADR-ODR International for their support. ADR-ODR International is a company that is internationally renowned for its pecialisation in progressive dispute resolution and training in areas ranging from international conflict management to negotiation, mediation and arbitration. The founding vision of ADR ODR International was guided by the larger aim of imparting knowledge on mediation to address legal complexities faced. It offers training programmes designed to bridge traditional ADR with the digital dispute resolution mechanism and trains both students and professionals in a range of sectors and countries. 

Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI)

We are pleased to announce that we have the Singapore International Mediation Institute (SIMI) on board with us as our Supporting Knowledge Partners. SIMI is one of the premier institutions in mediation standards. SIMI works towards achieving transparency and high competency standards into mediation as well as promote mediation education and awareness.

International Mediation Institute (IMI)

We are immensely proud to announce that we have the International Mediation Institute – IMI on board with us as our Supporting Partner.  IMI is the only organization is the world that transcends local jurisdictions to develop global, professional standards for mediators and advocates involved in collaborative dispute resolution and negotiation. IMI is changing the world of dispute resolution through establishment of mediation standards. It is most desirable for conflict parties who seek to resolve their disputes in an amicable manner.

Prerna Foundation

We are glad to announce our collaboration with Prerna Foundation for the 2nd NUJS Mediation Competition! Prerna Foundation is an organization that aims to bring social change by taking a holistic view of problems regardless of whether they are at the individual or community level. They encourage solving these problems in unconventional methods and seek to be at the forefront of the solution providing brigade.


Established in 1942, the Eastern Book Company (EBC) Group is the intellectual giant in Indian law publishing, with offices in several Indian cities. It is run by a unique combination of highly qualified legal, managerial and information technology professionals, who have acquired their expertise, across generations, from the leading universities and institutes of India, Asia, North America and Britain.

SCC Online

SCC Online is a publishing house of international repute and an acknowledged leader in the field of law publishing in India. The company has a nationwide operational network with presence at multiple locations. Eastern Book Company publications are sought after and relied on by students and practitioners of law, as the most authoritative material on the subject.

Past Sponsors

PSA Legal

We thank PSA Legal for supporting as award sponsors. PSA Legal Counsellors is a business law firm that has carved a special niche in the Indian legal market by the high-quality of its legal service, responsiveness and client commitment. The range, breadth and depth of the firm is broad-based and full-service, with its commercially savvy and dynamic lawyers experienced across the range of its practice areas. Be it start-ups, or large conglomerates with global footprints, PSA provides legal services in a timely and a cost-effective manner. The USP of the firm is a global mind set coupled with a focus on practical and innovative legal solutions that help our clients succeed.


The SCMA is a multi disciplinary cross-professional initiative of practitioners established to promote and deliver best practice, standards, competencies and professional excellence in mediation advocacy through individual and corporate training consultancy services and commercial activities. It is a Civil Mediation Council registered civil/commercial mediation training provider, an accredited International Mediation Institute (IMI) and Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors (AMATI) training provider, and a Bar Standards Board advocacy CPD provider.   

Mediator Academy

We Thank our knowledge partners Mediator Academy. Mediator Academy is an online education institution. We bring together a global faculty of experts in mediation, conflict and Alternative Dispute Resolution and use innovation in online learning pedagogy and technology to deliver the highest quality educational resources to those at the front line of dispute resolution. 

Goodman Walker

We are grateful for the support of Goodman Walker. Two of the world’s leading names in mediation development – with 40 years’ experience and 12 practitioner books between them, published in 6 jurisdictions – have come together to provide a bespoke consultancy in setting up and developing a successful mediation business. Now, for the first time, internationally acclaimed trainers and experts, Andrew Goodman and Stephen Walker, offer private clients the opportunity to be mentored and coached in the business of mediation.


We thank Association of Mediation Practitioners for their supports. The Association of Mediation Practitioners (AMP) is a body incorporated for promotion of Mediation and Conciliation as a Dispute Resolution process. AMP is a body of mediators, professionally qualified and experienced as also multi-lingual, who have come together to render services as ‘Mediator’ to facilitate a dialogue and consequently attempt a settlement between parties either prior to commencement of court proceedings or even thereafter. Successful resolution of a dispute lies in simply creating the willingness on the part of disputants to do what They have previously been unable to do without assistance: sit down together, listen and explore options in and environment that permits the cognitive process an opportunity to operate. AMP endeavours this.


We thank the Association of Mediation Assessors, Trainers and Instructors. AMATI is an active network of experienced professionals looking to benchmark best practice and share knowledge through member forums and conferences. Amati members are recognised as leaders in their field. It offers expertise and perspectives on key issues within the sector, underpinned by international practitioner contacts and academic research, networking, events and training.


The NUJS ADR society takes great pride in announcing our collaboration with the Global Academy for Advocacy in Dispute Resolution (GAADR) for the 1st NUJS Mediation Competition. The GAADR by The PACT. aims at strengthening client consultation skills, understanding and practicing the role as a lawyer in ADR forums, developing negotiation techniques and equipping the trainees with strategising tools when approaching a mediation or arbitration case, drafting of arbitration agreements, performing case analysis, understanding and practicing cross-examination, preparing arguments, and other allied practice points that makes one an all-round ADR advocate. We take great pleasure in having them onboard.